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Editorial Policy of the Japan Society of Management Information (JASMIN) Journal

  “JASMIN Journal” publishes results of original researches and applications on Management Information periodically. Thus, the Journal’s purposes are to share the research results with the researchers / educators of the relevant domains and experts in business; to classify, integrate, and develop the academic knowledge on Management Information, and to contribute to the academic and the industrial worlds.

Management Information is an immature research domain, and it is not firmly established as a particular domain. However, the number of schools and departments titled as Management Information is increasing rapidly. Moreover, the importance of the establishing neither Business Administration nor Informatics but Management Information as an interdisciplinary domain, is to be widely recognized. In such circumstances, the publishing of the Journal is extremely significant, and the members’ continuous endeavor and contribution toward the establishment of Management Information are expected.

Based on recognition of the above, we JASMIN Editorial Committee advocate the basic policy of article selection as follows;
“Contributed articles should have originality and novelty, in addition, the standard that contribute to the establishment of Management Information is demanded.”

It is quite clear that contributed articles should have originality, judging from the nature of academic journal. However, it is emphasized that articles should not be research results in other particular domains, but should, specifying the relevance to JASMIN, need the prospective for the establishment of Management Information

Furthermore, contributed articles should follow the “JASMIN Journal Submission Rule” and “JASMIN Article Writing Summary”, and, with clear points of the arguments, needless to say, the articles should be easy to read. Again, the following two points are specified as editorial policies.

First, contributed articles should be of great interest to both theory researchers and practical experts. In theoretical studies, it is necessary to state the possibilities of practical applications. In case studies, being no mere introduction of cases, frameworks of analyses and the generalizations or the possibilities to theorize should be needed.

Secondly, mathematical expressions used in contributed articles should be as plain as possible. As stated clearly in the basic policy, giving meaning to Management Information, rather than mathematical preciseness, is regarded as important. When specialized and advanced mathematical expressions are necessary, through numerical examples or applied ones, and so on, contributions to Management Information must be exhibited.

That is all stated in the editorial policy for the Editorial Committee of JASMIN Journal. Toward the establishment of Management Information, we sincerely hope that the Journal will become a place for the members’ enlightening their research, education, and business mutually.

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