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Letter from President

  Dai Senoo, President

Dear Members,
My name is Dai Senoo, new president of JASMIN, the Japan Society for Management Information. I will work hard to make our Society more attractive to members.
  First of all, let me introduce myself briefly. I am a researcher. I was born in 1969 and turned 50 in 2019 (the first year of the Reiwa Era). During my undergraduate and graduate years, I studied organizational theory at Hitotsubashi University, and then I worked as an assistant professor at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, before moving to my current position at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Up to the present time, I have been systematically conducting research focusing on knowledge creation in organizations.
  I joined JASMIN in 2002 and served as a member of the Committee on Social connection and the General Affairs Committee. The most memorable events are the Society's transition from a voluntary organization to a general incorporated association in 2011 and the International Conference PACIS 2018 Yokohama.
  Let me ask you now, what are the challenges that JASMIN will have to cope with, and how can our Society continue to contribute to the establishment of management information studies and industrial development? The first important background we need to consider is prominently increasing of the national power of China and United States. And the second important background is the shortage of AI (artificial intelligence) engineers in Japan. In terms of problem setting, I am focusing two points. The first one is the lag in creating new markets in Japan. The second one is the aging of JASMIN members. While keeping in mind the two above backgrounds and the two problems, I lay down the following four proposals to support the strategic aims of the Society:
  1. Establish a unique presence at international conferences
  2. Collect high-quality data through industry-academia collaboration
  3. Nurture pioneering researchers in the interdisciplinary fields of humanities and science
  4. Cooperate with relevant academic societies to solicit new members
I firmly believe that concerns surrounding the proposals' feasibility and the concrete actions to be taken, as well as the priorities attached to such plans, should be addressed through dialog between all the members. I conclude this letter by saying that my main goal is to provide a setting for dialog where I can illustrate the above proposals in detail and gather opinions from all JASMIN members.

I am looking forward to your active participation.


  The Japan Society for Management Information (JASMIN) was established on April 1, 1992, to promote researches and discussions on the study of Management Information.

Purposes of JASMIN

  JASMIN promotes researches and applications on various problems related to Management Information; seeks to interchange information between the members and the related academic societies; and aims to contribute the establishment of Management Information and the progress and development of industries.

Activities of JASMIN

  The following are businesses of JASMIN.

1.   Holding workshops, conferences, symposia, lectures, and panel discussions.
2. Academic researches and studies
3. Publishing journals, research papers, and other publications.
4. Contacting, interchanging, and collaborating with other academic societies both domestic and overseas.
5. Providing research opportunities to up-and-coming researchers such as graduate students.
6. Trusted researches and studies
7. Activities to achieve purposes of other preceding articles

Features of JASMIN

1.   Both members of social sciences and those of engineering courses have common research purposes, and perform wide range of research activities in atmospheres of freedom.
2. Both people of business and academia take part in activities impartially, and enlighten each other.
3. JASMIN aims to be a democratic, dynamic, and open society. The Society accepts contributed articles from non-members.
4. Workshops are extremely full of variety, and respond to diverse needs.
5. Developing active interaction with overseas researchers, JASMIN aims at an academic society that is opened to the world and recognized world-wide.

Mission and Objectives

  Adopted on March 8, 2001 by the Board of Directors

  The use of Information Technology becomes more important for corporations, organizations, societies, and an individual in the future. However, comparing with the development of Information Technology, it is difficult to say that the theoretical researches about the use of Information Technology are fully performed.
The mission of JASMIN is, for researchers, businessperson, and educators interested in common ground among information, communication, and management, to provide places of discussion about the practical uses of corporate, organization, societal, and individual information; and Information Technology.

  JASMIN, through performing the following activities, aims to research and to spread the knowledge about the practical uses of information and Information Technology.

1.   Aiming to become the source of knowledge concerning the practical uses of information and Information Technology.
  providing places of discussion through SIG(Special Interest Group), symposia, workshops, lectures, and conferences.
  sharing information though the JASMIN Journals, circulated magazines, and WWW pages.
  Researches and studies about the practical uses of information and Information Technology.
2. Through communication and cooperation with other related academic societies both domestic and overseas, JASMIN performs a central role in Japan for the practical use of information and Information Technology.
3. Through evaluating researches, case studies, and studies about the practical uses of information and Information Technology, JASMIN plans to encourage and to enhance the fields.
4. JASMIN aims to research and to spread methods to bring up the talented people who can promote the practical uses of information and Information Technology.

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