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Executive Board

  The Executive Board of the Japan Society for Management Information (JASMIN) consists of the President, up to two Vice-Presidents, 16 to 32 Directors, and two Auditors. The Executive Board members are elected from the regular members.

2015 JASMIN Executive Board Directory

Position Name Term Affiliation
President Kyochi KIJIMA 2015-2016 Daito Bunka University
Vice-President Hidenori OSANO 2015-2016 AEON Co., Ltd.
Vice-President Mariko KISHI 2015-2016 Hosei University
Director Hideaki KITANAKA 2015-2016 Takushoku University
Director Akito ITO 2015-2016 Shizuoka University
Director Eri YOKOTA 2015-2016 Keio University
Director Motonari TANABU 2015-2016 Yokohama National University
Director Akinori YOKOTA 2015-2016 Ritsumeikan University
Director Takeshi TAI 2015-2016 University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
Director Noritomo OUCHI 2015-2016 Aoyama Gakuin University
Director Akitsu OE 2015-2016 Nihon University
Director Yoko OGUSHI 2015-2016 Niigata University
Director Masato YOTSUMOTO 2015-2016 University of Nagasaki
Director Mitsuo KOBAYASHI 2015-2016 Niigata University of International and Information Studies
Director Naoki SHIBA 2015-2016 Nihon University
Director Sota KAMAIKE 2015-2016 Trend Micro Inc.
Director Michiko MATSUSHITA 2015-2016 Kanto Gakuin University
Director Masamichi MUKAI 2015-2016 NS Solutions Corps.
Director Hiroyuki MORITA 2015-2016 Osaka Prefecture University
Director Chikako MORIMOTO 2015-2016 Tokyo Institute of Technology
Auditor Takashi ISHIJIMA 2015-2016 Hosei University
Auditor Takeshi KOSAKA 2015-2016 Tokyo University of Science

  JASMIN has the following committees.

  • Standing committee

(1)   General Affairs Committee: Maintains bylaws, keeps minutes such as Executive Board meetings, and performs to make the society’s administration smoothly.
(2) Finance Committee: Drafts and consults bylaws concerning financial affairs, and budgets / statements of accounts, and so on.
(3) Organizing Committee: Maintains the membership enrollments and withdrawals, offers membership services such as distributing the member directories, and assists new member recruitments.
(4) Public Relations Committee: Edits and publishes the JASMIN News, and enlightens the public about the society’s activities.
(5) Research Committee: Plans and supports JASMIN to promote the society’s research activities, conducts interactions with concerned domestic academic associations.
(6) Editorial Committee: Edits and publishes the JASMIN Journal, engages in the publications of the society.
(7) Conference Committee: Plans basic guidelines for various activities regarding conferences, schemes new events, and organizes Conference Organizing Committees.

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